Photography, by its very nature, brings awareness to the present moment


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Using Photography as a Gateway to Mindfulness

October 1st 7pm PDT 

In this FREE live workshop, you will learn a very simple yet powerful process that we will use together to slow down our nervous systems and unleash our creative genius. No previous photography or meditation experience is required, just your camera phone and a blank sheet of white paper.

Photography as Meditation (PM) is a contemplative and creative process that, when practiced consistently, will increase self-awareness and reduce anxiety, leading to joy, fulfillment, and a deeper connection to yourself and those around you.

The Six Tenets of

Photography as Meditation

When employing The Six Tenets of Photography as Meditation, you lock into presence and enter a state of flow. You will inevitably slow your nervous system, shut out the chattering mind, and unleash your creative genius. Let's go!



Explore without expectation

Replace the limited experience of expectations with the unlimited intention to explore.


Observe with curiosity

Gain new perspective through the power of asking questions while learning to answer them with our camera.


Employ all 5 senses

Consciously engage each of our senses in order to heighten awareness and root ourselves in the present moment. 


Revere light / acknowledge shadow

Recognizing light as energy and the camera as an extension of you. It's the conscious perception of light that allows us to dissolve time. 

Enter the zone / Go with the flow

Our bodies and subject are now in sync. Feel the connection and don't question the ease. You deserve this! 


Give thanks

You will inevitably feel gratitude, give thanks.  This is what locks the experience into our bodies and inspires these feelings to surface in other areas or moments of our life.

Meet Kristopher 


"My purpose is to empower others to develop a connection between their internal and external world to increase awareness and realize their best self." 

Kristopher Grunert is a Canadian artist using photography to lift the veil and reveal what seems to be a spiritual realm here on Earth. The harmony between his inner world and the physical environment engages the viewers' creativity, inspiring them to embody this new perspective as their own. Using light and shadow to bridge the duality between humans and technology, the built world and the natural world.

He has created images for many corporations, including GE, Google, and Nike, and his work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Wallpaper, Monocle, I.D., and Technology Review.

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6-week Photography as Meditation Program


On the other side of our flagship program, presence, self-awareness and gratitude will become second nature to you. You will know how to use photography to shift from a negative frame of mind to a positive mindset, instantly. By slowing down and becoming present, you'll melt away any anxiety, or mental noise.

Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, by the end of the program you will have a body of meaningful artwork that you will cherish forever.  You do not need to have any photography experience for this program. You can use a DSLR or mirrorless camera if you wish, but a camera phone is all that is necessary.

Upon registration, you will be invited to a private Telegram group of like-hearted souls from around the world. We will keep each other accountable while turning our new knowledge into daily habits. These habits will lead to further joy, fulfilment and purpose.


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